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Wake up with Makeup!

Grand Junction Colorado, permanent makeup, microblading

Ever wished you could just hop out of bed, and feel immediately ready and confident to face the world?

Maybe it’s time for Permanent Makeup!





Permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular as people realize the convenience it offers.  It may simply be a time saver in the morning, but for many it’s much much more than that.  If you find yourself less able to apply your makeup due to loss of dexterity or decreased vision.  Permanent makeup can offer you a solution to your morning struggle to get those eyebrows, or that eyeliner even!  Maybe for you it’s just nice to know that your brows or eyeliner won’t melt off as the day goes on.  For some, it’s nice not to have to apply lipstick every time you eat something.  If you are not a makeup artist, you may not be achieving the look you really want with your cosmetics.  Perhaps permanent makeup could take the drudgery out of your daily routine.


Whether it’s Brows, Eyeliner, or Lips you want to enhance or perfect, we can help you create

Timeless Allure


Now also offering Safe and Effective Permanent Makeup Removal


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