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Frequently Asked Questions

There Are Many Frequently Asked Questions When it Comes to Permanent Makeup

Take a look at the answers to our most frequently asked questions below. We invite you to contact us for a Free Consultation if you have more questions, or want specific information on a particular procedure.

What is Microblading?
Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that is performed manually by depositing pigment under the top layer of skin (epidermis) with a special one-time-use sterile tool that consist of many very fine needles. This method is performed without a machine or tattoo pen that is used for permanent makeup eyebrow tattoos.

Microblading requires drawing individual precise hair strokes that mimic natural looking eyebrow hairs. The results of this technique leave you with very natural brows that don’t have as intense a look as makeup powder brows in most cases.

What is Machine Hair Stroke?
Machine Hair Stroke is similar in effect to Microblading, but with less potential scarring.  It is performed with the use of a tattoo pen as in other permanent makeup procedures.  With the use of the pen, it is possible to get the natural individual looking hairs, but also a shaded effect giving the brows a fuller “filled-in” appearance often not achievable with microblading alone.

What are Powder Brows?
Powder Brows (or Ombre Brows) is a permanent makeup technique of tattooing the brow area with pigment just under the epidermis as in microblading, but with a machine or tattoo gun. Pigment is placed more or less densely to achieve an artistic ombre (gradually changing) effect.

The result is brows that look fuller and darker as if you applied powder makeup or pencil, but these brows are present when you wake up in the morning, get out of the pool or ocean after swimming, and don’t slide down your face when sweating during a hot game of tennis!

What is a Lash Line Enhancement?
A Lash Line Enhancement is exactly that! An enhancement to your lash line. Permanent pigment is placed along the lash line and in-between your existing lashes to give the appearance of fuller thicker lashes. Just as eyeliner pencils or liquids are placed in the same area to emphasize the eyes, this permanent pigment highlights the eyes making them look bigger and more defined on your face. You can also be confident the liner won’t smudge, run, or bleed down your face as your day progresses.

Dr. Miller typically recommends only the top lid be lined as lining the bottom lid often gives a smaller more closed look to the eyes. With only the upper lid lined, the eyes appear brighter, more open and bigger. If you prefer fully lined upper and lower, talk to Dr. Miller about your desired look.

What are Aquarelle Lips or Lip Tattooing?
Aquarelle lips is a subtle technique of enhancing the lips with a machine or tattoo pen. This is a permanent lip tattoo procedure.  Pigment is planted just under the epidermis as in other permanent makeup procedures. First the lips are softly outlined to define the borders, help balance symmetry, and give the appearance of definition without the need to consistently reapply lip liners. After outlining, lips are filled in with color that is chosen to enhance your beauty and emphasize your style.

How Long Will My Appointment Last?
Plan on 2-4 hours for all initial permanent makeup services. Plan on 1-2 hours for a touch-up visit. Consults are usually 1/2 hour.

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?
Brows and Lash Line Enhancements generally last 1-2 years. Lip color can fade faster than brows or eyeliner due to the nature of exfoliation of the lips. If you chew and bite your lips, expect the color not to last as long!

Many factors influence the fading process. Skin type, age, sun exposure, skin products (acids such as vitamin A, Vitamin C, retinol, etc.), medication, facials, laser treatments, and even general health issues all play a part in how quickly or slowly the color fades. These factors also influence HOW the color fades. For example, faded pigment can leave a reddish, greyish, or even bluish tone to the skin.

Unwanted residual color after fading is often unpredictable, but by carefully filling out our client intake form, Dr. Miller can better evaluate if you are a good candidate for permanent makeup, the best procedure(s) for you, and what the best pigment options would be for your procedure(s). Of course, following proper after-care instructions is always essential for a good result.

Most permanent makeup procedures require a touch-up done 4-8 weeks after the initial procedure. The application of permanent makeup is an ART, not a SCIENCE. It is often advantageous to “layer” the pigment into the skin rather than trying to “blast” it into the skin all at one time. While some skin types respond wonderfully to a single application, other skin types or conditions will require a touch-up for best results.

When Should I Expect to Need My Permanent Makeup Redone?
Return for a color refresh when you find it necessary to apply makeup in the morning when you didn’t use to. In other words, everyone is different in when their permanent makeup has faded too much. A guide-line is: 6-months is likely too soon. 1-2 years is average. Outside of that, it’s up to you! Remember, there are MANY things that can cause fading faster such as sun exposure, excessive sweating, many chemicals in cosmetics, medications, etc.

Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?
Pain is very individual, and I would NEVER want to tell someone they won’t feel anything, but this IS TATTOOING. There will be some sensation, but very tolerable with the strong anesthetics (numbing creams, gels, and liquids) we use. The most common remark I get is, “It feels like scratches,” or “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

I Had Permanent Makeup Done in the Past. Can You Do a Color Refresh For Me, or Fix an Undesired Result?
This is a very difficult question to answer and takes additional information. It is often very hard to achieve a desired result working over already tattooed or microbladed skin. Many times the old work was done with body tattoo ink which must be removed or lightened first.

At the very least, we would require 3 unaltered and uncropped photos to evaluate. A consultation would be required if after photos, Dr. Miller thinks correction or re-application would be possible. Because of the extra expertise and time needed for working over previous tattooing, expect additional costs.  Think of the ink in your skin as liquid paint in a bucket rather than dried paint on paper.  Dried paint on paper could possibly be covered by more paint of a different color applied on top.  Paint added to a bucket with a different color of paint already in it would not be as predictable.

Is Permanent Makeup Safe?
Because state regulatory agencies have not kept pace with the growth of the permanent makeup industry, there are many unlicensed individuals wielding needles. We want you to know we take your safety and health very seriously.

The biggest risk in permanent makeup is infection potential. Permanent makeup is generally very safe if proper infection control and sanitation guidelines are followed. Dr. Miller is trained in infection control and Bloodborne Pathogen Trained and Certified. All OSHA guidelines are strictly followed regarding sanitation, and we use only pre-packaged disposable sterile needles.

We use only the highest quality pigments, anesthetics, tools, equipment and aftercare products to ensure your procedure has the best possible results. The rest is up to you to follow all aftercare instructions and avoid activities and actions that could compromise your results.

What is Dr. Miller’s Training?
I’m so glad you asked! Proper training in permanent makeup techniques is essential for not only good results, but to assure you that it is a safe and healthy experience. The state of Colorado has one of the most stringent requirements for permanent makeup artists.

Permanent makeup can only legally be applied by a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist who has had advanced training of at least 132 hours IN PERSON (not online). What is also important is the quality of the training. Colorado is very clear about the certification of training schools. Not all courses are equal.

Dr. Miller has been an Optometrist for over 30 years. As the Clinical Director of Grand Valley LASIK in Grand Junction, CO, cosmetic concerns for her patients were the emphasis. They wanted freedom from their glasses and subsequently many inquired about permanent makeup. That started her journey!

As a licensed Esthetician, Dr. Miller continued her training with Accent Beauty Academy and Bold Brows Microblading Master Alesya Mulholland in Denver, CO. With Phi Academy Bold Brows training in microblading as well as Academy S training in Powder Brows, Lashline Enhancements, and Aquarelle Lips, it has been a wonderful journey into helping create not only freedom from time-consuming dependence on tasks of makeup application, but the enjoyable process of giving Timeless Allure to beautiful faces.

In 2021, Dr. Miller began a new journey in an area that quickly grabbed her interest, and her heart.  Working with Sherah Juarez of Ink Boutique in Houston, TX, Dr. Miller began training in Paramedical Tattoos for cancer survivors and many more beautiful women who were interested in 3D Areola Tattoos.  Not just for after masectomy, but many women from all walks of life hoping for a more realistic areola after surgical reconstruction of the breast, or in situations where the areola lost pigment.

Dr. Miller also provides Permanent Makeup Removal.  The method used is not just a “Saline” method, but a 3-step process more effective than saline alone and safer than laser.

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