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3D Areolas

Timeless Allure offers 3D Areolas in Grand Junction, CO, and surrounding areas. 3D Areola tattooing is a permanent tattoo.  This realistic technique restores the look of a 3D nipple in an areola.  Although, typically provided as the final step in the long emotional journey for survivors of breast cancer, 3D areola tattoos can be done for anyone suffering from pigment loss due to trauma or aging as well.

3D Areola Service Prices

Initial Procedure 

  • $100-$300 per areola


A Touch-up at 4-8 weeks is sometimes advised to obtain the best result and pigment retention.

  • Touch Up 1 – 3 months after your Initial Procedure: $100
  • Additional Touch Up 3 – 6 months after Initial Procedure: $175
  • Refresh 6 months – 1 year after Initial Procedure -$100 discount
  • Refresh 1 year – 2 years after Initial Procedure -$50 discount
  • 2 years or more after Initial Procedure is the Standard Current Rate

If you have had previous permanent 3D Areola tattoos by someone other than Dr. Miller, you would be considered a new patient. Additionally, the initial procedure may require added costs if any color correction work is needed.


When booking services, an $100 deposit is required. Deposit is applied toward your touch-up appointment 4-8 weeks after your initial procedure.

Many insurances cover 3D Areola Tattoos after breast reconstruction due to breast cancer.  If you believe you have coverage for this service, speak to your reconstructive surgeon’s office to inquire about their ability to provide this for you.  I would LOVE to be a part of your journey to finalize the end results, and would be happy to work with your surgeon if possible.


1st Photo – Healed Breast Reconstruction / Photos 2 & 3 –  Immediately After 3D Areola Tattoos (Redness will subside somewhat after healing)


Photos 1 & 2 – Old tattoos done about 6-8 years prior by another artist / Photos 3 & 4 – Corrective 3D work done to enhance color and enlarge areolas as the patient felt the size was too small and masculine looking.  Photos were taken immediately after the procedure and will heal slightly lighter and less red.



1st Photo – Necrotic Nipples following a breast enhancement / Photo 2 – Immediately after 3D Areola Tattoos.  Right nipple may continue to necrose and require additional tattoo work in the future.