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Services to help you create Timeless Allure

Microbladed Brows ($350 includes touch up at 4-6 weeks)
Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that is performed manually by depositing pigment under the top layer of skin (epidermis) with a special one time use sterile tool that consist of many needles.

This method is performed WITHOUT a machine or tattoo pen that is used for other permanent makeup procedures. The microblading technique mimics natural looking eyebrow hairs.

Yes, you can now wake up with your eyebrows looking flawless! No more money on brow powder or eyebrow pencils. No more time being spent on drawing on your eyebrows and trying to get them even every time.

Machine Hairstroke Brows ($450 includes touch up at 4-6 weeks)
A modern alternative to Microblading. Machine Hairstroke Brows give a realistic hair-like result as with microblading. The difference is the pigment application technique. Many microbladers are switching to this newer technique as many advantages are realized. The hair strokes are achieved using the same tattoo pen used in powder brows, eyeliner, and lip procedures. With a fast oscillating needle implanting pigment, there is less potential for scarring than in microblading. Combination hair strokes with shading is easily done to get a fuller saturated effect that can’t often be achieved with microblading alone.

Powder Brows ($350 includes touch up at 4-6 weeks)
Powder Brows (also called Ombré Brows) is a permanent powder brows technique for clients who prefer fuller and more defined results. The tails of the brow are darker and fade lighter in towards the center, giving an Ombré makeup affect.

Oily skin, mature skin, scars, and medication can cause fine hair strokes to heal blurry and blotchy. The machine technique is more forgiving and a great solution if Microblading is not the best choice for your skin.

Combination Brows ($450 includes touch up at 4-6 weeks)
Combination brows are an artistic blend of both microblading and powder brows to give the illusion of hairstrokes with fuller color in between the hairs than microblading alone often gives.

Lashline Enhancement (Upper only $300, Lower only $200, Both at the same time $400; includes touch up at 4-6 weeks)
Also called Eyelash Enhancement, or Permanent Liner, or Permanent Eyeliner, this permanent lash effect procedure places permanent cosmetic pigment between each lash, achieving a natural yet luxuriously full lash base.

It even simulates the appearance of actual lashes! It’s like having eyeliner on ALL THE TIME without running or smudging through out the day!

Classic Liner (Upper only $350, Upper with Lower Lashline Enhancement $450;  includes touch up at 4-6 weeks)
Classic eyeliner is similar to a lashline enhancement but extends past the lash line. A little bolder and thicker for those who want MORE. It can even include a little “flick”, or “wing”

Soft Shaded Liner (Upper only $400, Upper with Lower Lashline Enhancement $450;  includes touch up at 4-6 weeks)
Soft shaded eyeliner is classic liner with shading that extends up onto the eyelid itself for a soft ombre eyeshadow effect.

Aquarelle Lip Blush ($400 includes touch up at 4-6 weeks) – Lips often require an additional touch up for longer lasting color $100
This Academy S technique is very natural. It involves creating a very soft and subtle outline of your lips with permanent lip color that best suits your skin coloring and desired look.

This soft line is then blended and shaded to fill in your lips with the pigment.

Tattoo Removal (Initial session $150, additional sessions $100) – Number of sessions is dependent on pigment saturation, depth, and desired results.
There are many “Removal” methods for permanent makeup removal or tattoo lightening. I say “lightening” because nothing is guaranteed 100%.

Most commonly thought of when it comes to removal, is LASER. Besides being costly, painful, and potentially scarring, lasers cannot often remove some inks in tattoos. Unfortunately, lasers work by “seeing” the pigment in the skin, “shattering” it where it lies and often pushing it deeper when shattering it, and relying on the body’s lymphatic system to “remove” the pigment fragments over time. The first criteria in the process is to “see” the pigment. Lasers cannot see white. And the lighter the pigment is, the more difficult it is for the laser to remove it. That is one reason why tattoos often cannot be “completely” removed by laser. Laser removal usually takes many many sessions. With each session, the tattoo lightens until it is too light for the laser to “see” it. Then, that is what you are left with.

Lasers work pretty good at lightening carbon black inks, but not usually completely. Lasers are not great with some ink types, in fact, lasers often “change” the color of the original pigment leaving an unsuspecting patient with unsightly neon green or pumpkin orange eyebrows instead.

SO WHAT CAN I DO if I have old permanent makeup that has color shifted to something I don’t want, got an unexpected result when I went and got new brows, or just want to get rid of an old tattoo?!!!

For OLD carbon black that has faded to grey or blue, I would sometimes still send you to have laser done first, but for almost ALL permanent makeup on the face, it is BETTER to have a manual removal.

I offer tattoo removal without scarring. This is not one of those, “Saline” systems.  I use a 3-step process that allows for a more effective yet safe method of lifting pigment, and has the potential to lighten even past what a laser can do. I also offer emergency removal. The sooner ink is removed (less than 48 hours is best), the easier it is to remove, and the more complete the possibilities.

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