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Lash Line Enhancement

Timeless Allure offers Lash Line Enhancement in Grand Junction, CO. It is also known as eyelash enhancement, permanent liner, or permanent eyeliner. This permanent lash effect procedure places permanent cosmetic pigment between each lash, achieving a natural yet luxuriously full lash base.

lash line enhancement before and after

Benefits of Lash Line Enhancement

A Lash Line Enhancement simulates the appearance of actual lashes! It’s like having eyeliner on ALL THE TIME without running or smudging through the day!  With upper eyeliner, smaller eyes can appear bigger and more open.  Already large eyes can be accented to pop and be more defined.

I don’t typically recommend a lower lash line enhancement for those with small eyes.  If you have small eyes, outlining the lower line can make your eyes seem even smaller.

If you are interested in this procedure and want to discuss my recommendations for the best procedure for you, schedule a free consultation.

Lash Line Enhancement Service Prices

Initial Procedure

  • Upper only: $350
  • Lower only: $250
  • Both at the same time: $500


A Touch-up at 4-6 weeks is almost always required to obtain the best result and pigment retention.

  • Touch Up 1 – 3 months after your Initial Procedure $100
  • Additional Touch Up 3 – 6 months after Initial Procedure $175
  • Refresh 6 months – 1 year after Initial Procedure -$100 discount
  • Refresh 1 year – 2 years after Initial Procedure -$50 discount
  • 2 years or more after Initial Procedure Standard Current Rate

If you have had previous permanent eyeliner by someone other than Dr. Miller, you would still be considered a new patient and the initial procedure may require additional costs if any color correction work is needed.


When booking services, an $100 deposit is required. Deposit is applied toward your touch-up appointment 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure.