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Powder Brows

Soft Powder BrowsPowder Brows (also called Ombré Brows) is a permanent brow technique for clients who prefer a fuller “makeup like” result. The tails of the brow are darker and fade lighter in towards the center, giving an Ombré makeup affect.  It’s as if you have brow pencil or powder on all day, every day that doesn’t smudge or wash off.  The technique uses a tattoo pen machine to deposit the pigment rather than the hand held microblade used in microblading.

Should I get Microblading, Machine Hairstroke, or Powder Brows?

Oily skin, mature skin, uneven texture, large pores, scars, and some medication can cause fine hair strokes to heal blurry and/or blotchy. The machine technique is more forgiving and a great solution if Microblading is not the best choice for your skin.

If you want to discuss your options and my recommendations for the best procedure and look for you, schedule a free consultation.

Ombre Brows
Ombre Powder Brows

Powder Brows Service Prices

Initial Procedure

  • $350 (includes touch up at 4-6 weeks)

Additional Touch-Ups/Refresh

  • Additional Touch Up 6 weeks – 3 months after your Initial Procedure $80
  • Additional Touch Up 3 – 6 months after Initial Procedure $150
  • Refresh 6 months – 1 year after Initial Procedure -$100 discount
  • Refresh 1 year – 2 years after Initial Procedure -$50 discount
  • 2 years or more after Initial Procedure Standard Current Rate

If you have had previous permanent makeup or microblading by someone other than Dr. Miller, you would still be considered a new patient. The initial procedure may require additional costs if any color correction work is needed.